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McCain’t for the vets

Posted on: August 23, 2008

When yacking to the press, McCain gives the impression he’s for the vets. But his voting policy is well-known and he keeps voting NO for better care for our finest and bravest.
McCain ain’t for the vets – in fact, sells em out.

[McCain} “… has demonstrated a tendency to work against veterans’ interests, voting time after time against funding and in favor of privatizing services–in other words, of rolling back the VA’s improvements by supporting some of the same policies that wrecked Walter Reed.”

“John McCain voted against veterans in 2004, ’05, ’06 and ’07,” says Jeffrey David Cox, who spent twenty-two years as a VA nurse before moving to the American Federation of Government Employees, where he serves as secretary-treasurer….”

-The Nation, May 15, 2008

Also, from Inter Press Service News Agency:
If John McCain is elected the next U.S. president, wounded veterans could be in for a world of hurt. <snip> “Ideologues like John McCain and George Bush hate the fact that the VA exists,” Sullivan told IPS, noting that the Republican candidate also wants to partially privatise social security and offer private school vouchers to students currently enrolled in public schools.

“They hate the fact that there’s a functional example out there of the government providing better care at a lower cost than the private sector,” Sullivan said. “The problem that the VA faces now is that the Bush administration failed to hire enough doctors and disability claims adjusters when they chose to go to war with Iraq. If these doctors had been hired, the VA would be an example of the government doing good work. Bush and McCain don’t want the public to see that.”


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