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McCain’s VP: Who? Mitty, Joe, or Crist?

Posted on: August 23, 2008

A few months ago a friend said that McCain’s dream VP ticket would be Condie Rice. We laughed so hard that we fell off the bed. No way could McCain think so far out of the box to choose a female, a black female, and a black female candidate who was far smarter than he.

McCain disdains women especially smart ones and Condie would be out of the question. Condie –we hope — would never let him call her the C-word like he called Cindy.

The question is who will McCain choose to accompany him down the political aisle?

Another stupid white man?

Let’s see there’s Mitt Romney who is  rich and boring. What could be worse than a rich bore? What’s really bad about this ticket is that neither men have a clue about how the rest of the population lives because they are filthy gazillionaires.

Now people are talking about Joe Lieberman. That would be bad. Another super rich dude who stands close to McCain and whispers in his ear when he makes mistakes about the economy. That reminds us of a ventriloquist joke…

Then there’s the Hucklebee hound dude who is more conservative than McCain. Do we need more conservative? We think not. McCain is already pro-life which is anti-choice. Another blow to women. Another man making demands on women’s reproduction. Maybe Hucklebee would scrape clean McCain’s image at the motorcycle rally which was not exactly a family affair even though he dragged Cindy and his daughter along.

Again at Cindy’s expense, he joked about her competing topless in the Miss Buffalo Chips contest.

Who do you think will be McCain’s VP


1 Response to "McCain’s VP: Who? Mitty, Joe, or Crist?"

I think that Richard Nixon would make a great Vice President for McCain. Is there any way to bring that crook back to life?

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