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Hunting: Sarah Palin Kills Mother of Bambi

Posted on: September 4, 2008

Remember the scene when Bambi’s mother dies?

According to Wikipedia, the death of Bambi’s mother is one of the most famous moments in American film history, a moment so upsetting to certain children that they had to be carried sobbing from the theater.


Remember the scene in the movie, The Queen, where Helen Mirren who played Queen Elizabeth II, shooes away a young stag when nearby gun shots are heard, only to later find it hanging from a hook in the barn? Remember how her sadness permeated the screen?


Sarah Palin has no heart. She doesn’t care about deer or moose or wolves or bears or endangered species because she’s a card carrying member of the NRA (National Rifle Association) and she loves to hunt wild game and endangered species.

Please read the following blog entry and scroll down to see a photo of Sarah as a young mother with her child kneeling over a bloodied, dying animal.


Did you know Sir Paul McCartney became an animal rights activist after watching the movie, Bambi?


3 Responses to "Hunting: Sarah Palin Kills Mother of Bambi"

How can Palin justify being both pro-life and the murderer of innocent animals? These beautiful creatures belong to God and to the Earth. They are NOT the property of Palin, Cheney or the NRA, not here for their bloody trophy sport. SHAME ON PALIN, anyone who murders innocent animals for sport is an unconscious low-life. Bad karma. It is not God’s will.

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Get a life, people eat animals every day…it’s called survival of the fittest. BTW, deer meat sure is yummy. Can’t wait to get my bow out next week…

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