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Joe Lieberman Favored Son Loses to Palin

Posted on: September 4, 2008

On NPR I heard that John McCain desperately wanted to pick Joe Lieberman but at the last minute Palin Power popped up. Even though Lieberman would’ve brought in some of the independent vote, the Repugs didn’t want him because he’s pro-choice and Jewish. He’s also old too.

McCain needs someone smarter than he is on the economy and to keep the different terrorist groups straight. Joe Lieberman did that for McCain, stood right next to him and whispered in his ear when he got it wrong. That’s what friends do for each other.

It’s unlikely that Palin knows anything about the U.S. economy and probably doesn’t know a Shiite from shinola.

Here’s what everyone’s favorite radical no-nonsense filmmaker — Michael Moore had to say about Joe Lieberman:


(Last night, during his primetime speech from the podium at the Republican National Convention, Senator Joe Lieberman made the following statement: “… if John McCain is just another partisan Republican, then I’m Michael Moore’s favorite Democrat.  And I’m not. And I think you know that I’m not.”)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Dear Joe:
John McCain IS just another partisan Republican — so that must mean you ARE my favorite Democrat!

But how can you be my favorite Democrat when you are no longer a Democrat? This is very confusing. I was in the middle of taking out the garbage and, all of a sudden, there you were, trash-talking me in front of thousands of cheering (mostly) white people on TV.
What is it with you and your Republican friends always bringing me up? Can’t you stop thinking about me? It’s starting to sound like a fetish! Stop it! Four years ago at the last Republican Convention, John McCain, in his convention speech, also trashed me, calling me a “disingenuous filmmaker” because I called all of you out in Fahrenheit 9/11.

The crowd at Madison Square Garden went berserk. McCain didn’t know I was sitting above him in the press box, and the crowd wouldn’t stop screaming at me, so I flashed them the “Big L” loser sign and, well, nine of New York’s finest had to help me get out of there alive.
With all the problems facing the world, why is valuable time being wasted reviewing a movie and attacking a filmmaker? And now you, Joe, tonight. Do you think you’re energizing the base by attacking me? Better take a look at the scoreboard. While your side has spent years trying to make me the boogeyman, let’s see how it’s worked:

** 2006 Congressional elections: Republicans lose 30 seats in the House and 6 seats in the Senate;
** States That Have Lost a Republican Governor (and elected a Democrat) since 2002: Kansas, Montana, Wyoming, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Arkansas, Kentucky, Oklahoma and Tennessee — EACH ONE OF THEM A RED STATE!;
** Latest Gallup Poll: Obama hit 50% yesterday for the first time for either candidate, 8 points ahead of McCain!

Do you see the trend?
Putting me in your convention speeches, attacking me nonstop on talk radio and Fox News — and thinking that this helps you — shows just how out of touch you all are.
Two-thirds of the country agree with my position on the war, two-thirds of the country agree with my position on a single-payer universal health care system, two-thirds believe in some form of gun control — name the documentary, pick the issue, and the American public agrees with Michael Moore.

So get over me, will ya? You’re only hurting yourself. And I’ve got to finish taking out the garbage.
Now click your heels together and say, “There’s no place like home on the Republican minority side of the aisle.”

Michael Moore


1 Response to "Joe Lieberman Favored Son Loses to Palin"

Joe got beaten by a girl.
Whoda thought!

The one thing of utmost importance to me is whether or not she intends to continue pouring billions of dollars into the war machine for Iraq. She made it clear, she’s committed to prolong this senseless warfare, which I see as a continuation of the Bush errors. Pretty face; lots of spunk, but in the end — to borrow an expression from Texas – – big hat, no cattle.

Oh, and what’s with all the cowboy hats? There are no cowboys any more, so aren’t they just playing dress-up?

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