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McCain says ‘it’s over’ for special interests

Posted on: September 5, 2008

McCain says ‘it’s over’ for special interests but he doesn’t say WHICH special interests.

For the past 8 years, Bush and McCain have been deaf, dumb and blind to the special interests of the middle class; they have ignored the special interests of the 48 million uninsured; squashed the special interests of citizens who want their privacy back and have completely ignored the special interests of environmentalists.

So Mr. McCain, when you say ‘it’s over’ for special interests, PLEASE DEFINE which special interests you mean. Surely it can’t be the same special interests who have put you on top of the ticket or the 159 lobbyists that are working on your campaign.

From: – GOP Players:

John McCain’s campaign isn’t just in the pocket of lobbyists — it is lobbyists. The upper levels of McCain’s operation are staffed with some of Washington’s most prolific influence peddlers.

Rick Davis, campaign manager, has lobbied for Airborne Express and DHL on their controversial merger deal, as well as telecom companies Bell South, SBC, and Verizon.

Charlie Black, senior advisor, lobbied for 109 clients, including Yukos Oil and Freddie Mac.

Randy Scheunemann, senior foreign policy advisor, has had lobbying clients that include BPAmoco, and the NRA.

Frank Donatelli, the McCain campaign’s director at the RNC, has lobbied for 70 clients, including PhARMA, Pfizer, and ExxonMobil.

John Green, congressional liaison, has lobbied for 168 clients, including insurance industry trade groups, predatory lender Ameriquest, ChevronTexaco, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and others.

Susan Nelson, the campaign finance director, has had at least 43 lobbying clients, including EADS/Airbus, American Health Insurance Plans, and Verizon.

Mark Buse, McCain’s Senate chief of staff, has lobbied for 62 clients, including ExxonMobil, Freddie Mac, and telecom interests like AT&T, TimeWarner and Cablevision, who have interests in front of McCain’s Commerce Committee.

Wayne Berman, another senior advisor, lobbied for 104 clients, including Fannie Mae, the American Petroleum Institute, ChevronTexaco, and the National Rifle Association.

More GOP Players here


1 Response to "McCain says ‘it’s over’ for special interests"

(thank you nonconformer, for link to your…)

Beware always of men and women, bullies, tormentors, control freaks, persons, civil and public servants, politicians, pastors, leaders, elders, Corporations too who falsely do, will try to enslave you, oppress you, exploit you even while they claim they are proclaiming the truth, democracy, trying to help you, etc.,

Is 51:23 ..your tormentors {and} oppressors, those who said to you, Bow down, that we may ride {or} tread over you; and you have made your back like the ground and like the street for them to pass over.

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