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McCain’s “right to life” mixed message

Posted on: September 7, 2008

McCain is against government health insurance and wants to expand the broken health care market , which he calls the ‘free’ market.

There is nothing ‘free’ about the healthcare market unless it is the freedom for insurance companies to jack up your premiums and the freedom for them to deny care.

18,000 people die each year in America due to lack of health care.
48 million working Americans have no insurance because it is too expensive.

Evangelicals and every other citizen in the USA should demand government health insurance because it is the only kind of insurance that will guarantee us affordable health care.

McCain’s solution is to push ‘health savings accounts’ (HSA’s) and expand tax breaks which will not give us et affordable health care. Health savings accounts are little more than tax shelters for the rich. If they were more than that, then why aren’t we all clammoring to buy HSA’s?

Evangelicals and pro-life advocates, please know this:  The right and moral thing to do is to vote for national health insurance. Every other industrialized country in the world has it, and they don’t go bankrupt over medical bills like Americans do.

National health insurance will save lives and will cost less. In the richest nation in the world, healthcare should be a right – not just a privilege for the wealthy. C’mon, for God’s sake,  save 18,000 lives per year.  The life you save could be yours or your child’s!


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