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Letter: I respect McCain, but I’m voting for Obama

Posted on: September 10, 2008

Ann Jurgensen of Tipton wrote an op-ed published Sept. 10, 2008 in the West Branch Times Online (West Branch, Iowa). She wrote:

“I wish the media would stick to the issues. I don’t care if a candidate wears a blue tie or a red dress. I don’t care if the candidate is an African-American, a woman, a Native American, 80 years old or 45 years old. The fact that a candidate can gut a caribou will not affect my decision to vote for him or her. I try my best to base my vote on objective information, such as a candidate’s positions on issues, past voting records, and political endorsements, in addition to how well the candidate relates to the public and other politicians. I try not to base my vote on negative advertising and smear tactics. I admire Obama’s and Biden’s commitment to avoid negativity in their campaign and agree with their statements last week that Sarah Palin’s children should be off limits and that we should stick to the issues.

It can be difficult to keep up on candidates’ voting records and position statements because many of us work 40-60 hours weekly and have children to care for. A few informative Web sites that have helped me figure out how Congress and the Senate have voted in the past are and You can look at voting records on specific issues, such as energy, education, environment, health issues, defense, seniors and social security, to see how U.S. and State Senators and Representatives have voted in the past. It is important to realize, however, that during the 110th Congress, Obama has missed 45.5 percent of votes and McCain has missed 63.4 percent of the votes due to campaigning. Information about political contributions is also available. There is information about governors but unfortunately not very much information about Governor Sarah Palin.”

For the rest of her letter, click here


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