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Sarah Palin is a Serial Liar

Posted on: September 10, 2008

To: ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC, Newsweek, NPR, NYT, PBS, Time, WP, WSJ

It is now thoroughly documented that Sarah Palin supported the $398 million “Bridge to Nowhere” when she ran for Governor in 2006, even though Congress cancelled the earmark in 2005.

She only opposed it in September 2007 after her final efforts to get $329 million more from Congress failed. Yet she kept the partial funding from Congress!

So when Palin repeatedly says “I told Congress, ‘Thanks, but no thanks’ on that bridge to nowhere,” she is repeatedly lying.

Palin first lied when she was introduced as McCain’s VP choice on August 29. She repeated it on August 31, September 3, September 6, September 8, and September 9. All of these lies are documented:

Palin knows the truth, but keeps repeating a lie.

It is long past time for reporters to call Sarah Palin exactly what she is – a serial liar.

You can go to this website and sign the petition to be sent to the media organizations listed at the top or you can copy and paste the following message and bombard the media with the above facts and why you want them to start asking Palin the hard questions and report that she is what she is — a serial liar.

These past eight years have been riddled with lies starting with the weapons of mass destruction. Eight is enough!


1 Response to "Sarah Palin is a Serial Liar"

Palin is not only a serial liar, she’s pathological as well. This country will become a shit hole if the press doesn’t start doing its job.

Although truth be told, even if the press were to start hammering Palin, some percentage of the electorate will ignore it althogether.

The question is, how many of them are there?

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