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Drugs in Wasilla – Crystal Meth Capital

Posted on: September 15, 2008

After hearing the reference to crystal meth in that SNL bit, I found this article about what a disgusting and growing problem, crystal meth is in Wasilla.

You have to wonder — what if anything — the governor of Alaska is doing about it?  And what if anything she did to prevent it during her stay as mayor of Wasilla?

Between the crystal meth houses and the gravel pits, Wasilla sounds like the armpit of Alaska.

1 Response to "Drugs in Wasilla – Crystal Meth Capital"

Speaking as a bumpkin from Lancashire, England, I have some vague and hazy recollection that “crystal meth” is a “drug” – is that so?

I thought that “Liberals” (I think that you in the US spell it “Liberals”?) were in favour of drugs?

You don’t seem to view Sarah Palin quite as fully positively, I think, as for example her husband might do. Your position in this post seems to indicate that you’d have liked “something to have been done” about these drugs in the armpit of Alaska.

What an intelligent blog you seem to have! I will come again, it does seem interesting.

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