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McCain for President: Flip Flop Gospel Garbage

Posted on: September 18, 2008

John McCain will spend millions of dollars to convince you that he’s not really a Republican.


He wants you to believe that although he is in the party that has unfailingly opposed financial deregulation, that he is somehow different. You cannot find one instance of McCain supporting regulation of the finance industry – not a single instance – until, of course, the Day the Dam Broke, September 15.


One cannot find a single John McCain advisor who has supported regulation, until today, the day that the failing banks changed our world. You have undoubtedly heard the New John McCain, who, 48 hours ago, suddenly became a big fan of finance market regulation. You’ll not hear anything about his association with Phil Gramm, the architect of unregulated mortgage markets, Phil Gramm, whom McCain said knows more about economics “than anyone.”


It’s too bad we have to submit to 2 years of selling us a president like a brand of shampoo. All we have to do is look at what they’ve done. What have the Republicans done? Have they ever stood up to “the markets” and said, “You’re playing with people’s money, their livelihoods, their retirements.”? When was the last time John McCain stood up to Phil Gramm and his card tricks and said we have to bring some order to these transactions, and they have to be above board? Never. Not once, oh, of course, until September 15th. 


But America has sense enough not to listen to these sudden promises a few weeks before the election.


Doesn’t it?


John McCain has backed off his “pig” charge, but he did get the necessary mileage out of the fracas. The public was temporarily diverted from contrasting McCain and Obama’s prescription for the economy.


Like Bush, McCain believes that the economic “fundamentals are sound.” Like Bush, McCain believes that the best medicine for the economy is lower taxes, an unregulated Wall Street, and a Security Exchange Commission that doesn’t meddle. Follow the links below describing McCain’s economic platform, and you’ll find no mention of reform of the finance industry. Only yesterday, September 15, the day of the Big Meltdown, did McCain jump on the bandwagon to overhaul the financial sector. Today, McCain suggests a commission be created to “study the problem.” One can understand why McCain prefers no immediate action. He needs time to bury his relationship to Phil Gramm, his top economic advisor and personal friend of decades. It seems that Mr. Gramm, a man whom McCain says, “knows more about the economy than anyone,” has always advocated a hands-off approach to regulation.


Just last year, Mr. McCain spoke in disapproval of government meddling in the banking business. Mr. Obama, however, has long advocated that the Feds step in and bring some control to the free-for-all that has led the failures of some of the most storied names in banking and lending. Mr. Obama has long advocated economic reform of the finance industry, a stronger SEC and stricter oversight of Wall Street trading.

When Americans finally get around to comparing Democratic and Republican plans for reforming the economy, it will not be a happy day for John McCain. I’m sure he wishes we could all get back to Palin pig debate.


The above was sent to us via Darryl K.


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