McCain Sucks, Palin Sucks = No Bush left behind

McCain Palin Sucks: NOW Endorses Obama Biden

Posted on: September 18, 2008

In the first time since 1984, the National Organization for Women (NOW) has endorsed a presidential candidate and that candidate is Obama/Biden.

The McCain campaign might have been full of themselves (more like full of shit) when they brought Sarah Palin into the fray. There were plenty of other more worthy women Repugs but for some reason Palin was the pick maybe because she wears lipstick.

In a speech, Palin compared herself to Hillary Clinton and really — just because she has boobs — the comparison stopped there.

NOW is about women’s equality. Palin is about taking away women’s reproductive rights. The two are neither separate nor equal.

Obama Biden stands for pay equity, reproductive rights, provide legal, medical and financial support to victims of domestic violence (while Palin charges rape victims in Alaska for rape kits), and Obama has strongly opposed ultra conservative Supreme Court appointees.  

Voting for McCain Palin will put women back into the dark ages.

Let there be light and change. Vote Obama Biden.

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Palin bad.

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