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Sub Prime Failure Fault of McCain’s Economic Advisor Phil Gramm

Posted on: September 18, 2008

People, get real.

A great part of the reason of foreclosures and our economic downturn is caused by Phil Gramm.

Phil Gramm is John McCain’s economic advisor.

Phil Gramm is the guy who called you – “whiners” –you know, the people who lost their homes to foreclosures caused by the sub prime crisis.

The fact that McCain has 5 or 6 or 7 or 8 or 11 houses means that he cannot related to the one struggling family who loses their house.

Watch this video about McCain’s greed and the average homeowner with two jobs trying to put food on the table and not go into foreclosure.

On one of the worst days on Wall Street, McCain said the economy was economically sound. The media criticized him for the statement so he reworded it for his next speech. A guy with 6 or 11 houses would not be as adversely affected by Wall Street like the rest of us.

His economics that he helped shape for the past eight years has everything to do with the state of the damn economy and financial world and he talks about reform.

Reform, schmeform. What is he going to do? Push Phil Gramm off a cliff?

Whether McCain likes it or not…foreclosure Phil Gramm is in McCain’s closet.


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