McCain Sucks, Palin Sucks = No Bush left behind

Blue Collar Note: Jason Bourne-Bourne Ultimatum Fears Palin

Posted on: September 21, 2008

The talk on the street is that the blue collar demographic cannot relate to Obama. I hope that’s not the case.

But can they relate to Sarah Palin?

Matt Damon, movie star, and blue collar hero — Jason Bourne from the wildly popular movie and sequel, Bourne Ultimatum FEARS Palin.

I saw the movie Bourne Ultimatum in a little mining town. The movie theater was packed with people who worked long hours in the mines. Except for the rifle range and the bowling alley, there was absolutely nothing for these hard working mine workers to do but go to the movies. On a Tuesday night, the theater was packed and the applause thunderous.

Mine workers, blue collar workers…take note. Hear what Matt Damon/Jason Bourne has to say about Sarah Palin. Matt Damon grew up in a blue collar neighborhood and has working class roots.


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