McCain Sucks, Palin Sucks = No Bush left behind

Palin: pit-bull turns into yesterday’s moose

Posted on: September 24, 2008

An encouraging op-ed in Australia’s SYDNEY MORNING HERALD by Michael Gawenda, a former Herald Washington correspondent and now director of Melbourne University’s Centre for Advanced Journalism.

Mr. Gawenda wrote:

“…this time, it isn’t about the fear of terrorist attacks, but about economic security and the fear, as the financial crisis goes on, that more Americans will lose their jobs and their homes.

“It is hard to believe that John McCain can win such an election. The polls suggest that he can’t, and, on economic issues, Obama is a long way in front. Indeed, it has been clear for some time that McCain knows he can’t win the economic debate.

“Palin, he hoped, would at least offer a diversion from economics while delivering him the conservative evangelical base.

“Now even that is not guaranteed. Conservative evangelicals are not free-market, small-government zealots. Increasingly, they want their government to secure their jobs and their homes. And they increasingly fear that McCain, as he once admitted, knows and cares little about economics.

“Unless Obama makes a major slip-up, he should comfortably win the presidential election. And Sarah Palin most likely will go back to Alaska and the political obscurity she richly deserves.”


1 Response to "Palin: pit-bull turns into yesterday’s moose"

I hear you. If you can’t debate economics with a guy like Obama, who has exactly 0 experience there, you are definitely on thin ice. But I say forget both of them. Vote for Bob Barr…

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