McCain Sucks, Palin Sucks = No Bush left behind

Government by the people? No, special interest groups run Washington

Posted on: September 25, 2008

Doug Thompson ran the Political Programs Division of the National Association of Realtors. NAR was the largest trade association in the country.

One of his jobs was to serve as the association’s “go to” guy when they needed to sway the opinions of Congress.

Thompson wrote: “McCain claims he’s going to put an end to special interest control of Washington.

“He’s lying.

“The special interests control him. They always have and they always will. I know. I once owned a piece of John McCain. Didn’t cost that much. Corrupt members of Congress usually come cheap.”

Just remember this when considering who is most qualified to lead this country. Obama who took no Washington lobbyist money? Or *McCain the Maverick who is bought and paid for by special interest groups.

*A maverick is an unbranded range animal, which means it’s free for the taking and is the property of the person who brands it. Uh huh. But in McCain’s case, he lets himself be branded by the highest bidder.


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