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March Against Paulson Plunder – McCain McSame Crap

Posted on: September 25, 2008

George Bush went on TV to sweet-talk Americans into letting him steal $700 billion of our tax dollars. That’s $2,333 for every man, woman, and child – to bail out his greedy rich friends on Wall Street.

On Thursday, September 25 — Bush will meet with Democratic and Republican leaders to finalize a deal that gives Bush nearly everything he wants, but nothing America needs:

The people who caused the problem or profited most should pay for it. Re-regulate to prevent this from happening again. Include Main Street in the bailout and invest in a new productive economy.

Worst of all, it’s another massive fraud. Bush lied to our faces when he promised to buy toxic securities “at their current low prices… and we expect that much, if not all, of the tax dollars we invest will be paid back.”


This is the same administration that promised the invasion of Iraq would pay for itself through lower oil prices. The cost of that disaster is now $3 trillion and climbing, not to mention millions dead, maimed, or exiled.  (Many veterans returning from War are now homeless too.)
So make no mistake: every penny we give Bush now will be used to greatly overpay for securities that will lose most of their value. We will pay the price for decades, which is why dozens of economists oppose Bush’s fraud.
On Thursday – September 25, there will be emergency afternoon street protests across the country.

Please find the nearest protest and bring a sign and a friend.

And call your Senators and Representative right now to say “No $700 Billion Bailout for Wall Street”. Dial the Capitol switchboard at 800-473-6711 or 202-224-3121

And if you have not emailed your Senators and Representative, please do it now.

We’re in this MESS because of the good old boys like Bush, Cheney, Rove, McCain and the likes of them. You know when McCain’s aide is making $35,000/month as a consultant to Freddie Mac.  Families below the poverty line don’t even make $35,000 a year!

Don’t bail out the fat cats who are the hedge fund monsters and will still walk away with their multi million dollar exit packages.


Get off the damn Internet, and get you body out there and do something about it.


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i dont think people realize the next great depression will probably also bring us the next american revolution

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