McCain Sucks, Palin Sucks = No Bush left behind

McCain Jerks Around the American People

Posted on: September 25, 2008

He’s not even President yet (and hopefully he never will be) and he’s already jerking around the American people, you know, us, you and me, the voters. Quite frankly, he’s been jerking around us average joes and janes for many years. It’s the Wall Street CEOs and rich hedge fund guys and beer distribution heiresses that he’s been saving all these years.

Last night her jerked off on David Letterman and said he had to rush to Washington when in fact he went to another CBS host and was interviewed by Katie Couric.

McCain doesn’t want to debate Obama.  It’s supposed to be tomorrow and it’s still up in the air.  Obama — with or without John McCain — should be able to go on TV and make his case.  I bet it would take McCain five seconds to change his mind.

McCain is losing in the polls.

McCain has no answers so he needs some time to create them.

McCain is trying to manipulate the VP debate because Palin isn’t ready and probably never will be. She’s a talking head without any substance or facts behind her spewing.

McCain said the Presidential debates can be postponed until October 2 but that is when the VP debate is scheduled.

McCain, the broken down Ford Maverick, is what got us in this mess and now he thinks he can get us out. In his Ambien dreams!

McCain jerks around the American people…again.

Hey, you want to hear something funny? Do you want to know what the most searched phrase is for people finding this blog?

“Palin sucks”

“McCain sucks”

I kid you not!


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