McCain Sucks, Palin Sucks = No Bush left behind

Military Intelligence and Vetting Sarah Palin

Posted on: September 27, 2008

Tonight in the first debate, Obama told McCain that he (McCain) was wrong about weapons of mass destruction and how long the war would last.

It sounds like Bush and McCain lacked military intelligence. (No surprise)

Tonight, also, conservative columnists are saying that Sarah Palin should resign as the Republican Vice President candidate.

The problem is less Palin but that the McCain campaign chose her…very bad judgment. The Repugs are coming out of their Ambien stupor to realize that she’s a very bad choice and that she should not be meeting with world leaders or Katie Couric.  

She’s dumb as dirt when it comes to being VP material.

And she lies…but that’s a requirement for the Republican party. (I wonder why they call it a “party” because it doesn’t look like anyone is having any fun.)

So now the Republicans are in a political pickle. What do they do with her? She probably reading Cliff notes on international policy and national security. If they stick with Palin, she walks on a volatile tightrope. If they dump her or she makes an exit stage right — they are open to bad judgment.

The bottom line is McCain chose her without vetting her or doing any research. Scary.

That’s how we got into the Iraq War. If McCain cannot be trusted to choose a worthy VP candidate sidekick, how can he be trusted with national security, international peace talks, and any of the number of crucial responsibilities facing the president of the United State?


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