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Here’s a blog that says that very same thing and we applaud them for it.

George F.Will, conservative op-ed columnist for The Washington Post wrote another stinging article on the McCain-Palin ticket entitled “Call Him John the Careless”

Mr. Will really dislikes Sarah Palin and thinks McCain was totally wreckless in her selection as V.P. We couldn’t agree more.

It was a rainy day in Pennsylvania. The weather was so bad that the world series was cancelled (go Philly!)

McCain and Palin cancelled their rally in the Philly suburb of Quakerstown.

But Obama stood tall and drenched while addressing a wildly enthusiastic crowd in Chester, PA. 

That speaks volumes. One candidate is not afraid of getting wet and uncomfortable to keep the audience enthralled with his message while the other candidate is afraid of getting wet.

When the chips are down and they will be — the McCain camp ran for cover while the Obama camp tackled them head on and persevered.

Enough said. Vote Obama.

An interesting narrative from documentary filmmaker, Eugene Jarecki (“Why We Fight”) on McCain, Cheney and Halliburton.


For me, witnessing the John McCain who courageously appeared in my film and the later McCain whose staff went after me for sharing his thoughts with the American public, I’ve seen firsthand how the Straight-Talk Express really works.

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So whether this means dissing David Letterman or bullying a lowly filmmaker like me, no contortion is so great that they won’t indulge it if it helps the train reach Pennsylvania Avenue. Now, I don’t really expect straight talk from politicians, but when a politician makes “straight talk” his claim to fame, he actually gets my hopes up. In McCain’s case, I learned the hard way that the Straight Talk Express is actually just political stagecraft of the most cynical and cutthroat kind.

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Eugene Jarecki’s 2006 film “Why We Fight” won the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival as well as a Peabody Award. This posting is an excerpt from his new book, The American Way of War: Guided Missiles, Misguided Men, and a Republic in Peril. It has just been released by Simon & Schuster/Free Press.

On Sept. 16th we published

McCain’s Health Plan: Don’t Get Sick

We stand by our words and want to list what some other well-informed people have to say:

Elaine Rose/Mo West, Seattle Post-Intelligencer: The McCain health care proposal, which would “deregulate the health insurance industry,” is “worse for women” than the Obama plan, Rose, CEO of Planned Parenthood VOTES Washington, and West, chair of the group, write in a Post-Intelligencer opinion piece. Under the McCain proposal, “30 million women who suffer from a pre-existing condition could lose their coverage,” and the plan would eliminate “important state insurance requirements aimed at protecting women’s access to basic health needs,” the authors write. They write, “After the recent financial catastrophe, we’ve all seen just how disastrous an unregulated and excessively greedy banking system has been for our country,” adding, “We can’t let the same thing happen to health care — it’s just too important” (Rose/West, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 10/29).


Al Franken, St. Paul Pioneer Press: “I like Obama’s approach, and I would proudly support it,” but “I’ll be blunt: I think McCain’s health care proposal would be a disaster for Minnesota families,” Franken, a U.S. Senate candidate from Minnesota, writes in a Pioneer Press opinion piece. According to Franken, the Obama proposal would ensure that, “if you have health insurance that works for you … you get to keep it,” reduce costs “by as much as $200 billion a year” and “guarantee that insurance companies cover pre-existing conditions and preventive health measures.” Meanwhile, under the McCain proposal, “as many as 580,000 Minnesotans could outright lose their employer-sponsored health care, and we’d all be at the mercy of the insurance companies,” Franken writes (Franken, St. Paul Pioneer Press, 10/29).

Dan Cooper, a proud member of the National Rifle Association, has backed Republicans for most of his life. He’s the chief executive of Cooper Arms, a small Montana company that makes hunting rifles.

Cooper said he voted for George W. Bush in 2000, having voted in past elections for every Republican presidential nominee back to Richard Nixon. In October 1992, he presented a specially made rifle to the first President. Bush during a Billings campaign event.

This year, Cooper has given $3,300 to the campaign of Democrat Barack Obama. That’s on top of the $1,000 check he wrote to Obama’s U.S. Senate campaign in 2004, after he was dazzled by Obama’s speech at that year’s Democratic National Convention.