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What are your thoughts on the Biden-Palin debate?

Posted on: October 2, 2008

When I first heard about Palin’s nomination, I was shocked like everyone else. When the numbness wore off, all I could think of is how ridiculous the Vice Presidential debate is going to be. I mean, having Joe Biden square off with Sarah Palin is like having a seasoned college professor debate a 3rd grader.

Now that I’ve actually heard Palin’s interviews with Gibson and Couric, I’m not that far off. Joe could effectively mop the floor with Palin on any issue.

I don’t feel sorry for Palin, I feel sorry for Joe, a skilled statesman being forced into the ring with such a stupid opponent and now having much of the press say he should go easy on her because of her gender.

Women in politics and all over the nation want the double standard to die for goshsakes. But Palin, I suspect, wouldn’t mind giving Joe alot of low dirty blows, while she herself is protected. Since the debate isn’t physical, I’d like to see Joe unleashed, because the pit bull with lipstick is going to be all over him, biting and sniping and doing her best to draw blood.

In looking at the Washington about tonight’s debate, one person commented:

All Biden has to do is just show up , and try his best to keep from “Laughing”.

Palin has already shown the world she is an unqualified Idiot , and she did that all by herself.

Posted by: James | October 2, 2008 4:27 AM

I agree. Palin’s political double-talk is silly yet apparently quite effective and she says more about nothing than any person I ever heard.

What are your thoughts? Comments welcome!


3 Responses to "What are your thoughts on the Biden-Palin debate?"

Actually, I think tonight will turn out to be rather boring. Palin will give non-answers while fluttering her eyes, Biden will attempt to show off and Ifill will probably bend over backwards trying to not make Palin look bad.

In the end, the Republicans will scream that they won and those who are truly concerned with the state of the country will see that Palin provided no answers.

In days past when things were better (say in 2000), “likeability” was a bigger factor and she might actually win that aspect.

So I predict that not much will change though SNL might actually get more material.

Biden got whooped!!!

I get very worried listening to Palin.
Vote Obama. The US needs it, and so does the world!

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