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Palin’s Debate with Biden: She was snarky and wrong in numerous areas

Posted on: October 3, 2008

After the debate, I heard several commentators refer to Palin as a wolverine:

On MSNBC’s “Hardball”one compared Palin to “a wolverine chewing through plywood”.

Newsweek’s Harold Fineman said “Palin was like ‘a wolverine’ attacking the pant leg of a passerby.

I thought she was well-crammed yet she delivered her lines stiffly and often in a snarky manner as she kept attacking Obama. Then she went for folksy, cutesy, and winked a couple of times and her forced smile was hard, almost like she was gritting her teeth. But when she remarked about expanding the powers of the vice president, a cold chill ran down my back.

Palin often didn’t answer the questions and she more than once said she wanted to move away from the past and look ahead – – yet she never said how the McCain-Palin administration would be anything but a third Bush term.

Palin was wrong in the debate in numerous areas such as:

  • She wrongly said troop levels in Iraq returned to “pre-surge” levels.
  • She wrongly said Obama voted for higher taxes on “families” making as little as $42,000 a year.
  • She wrongly said McCain’s healthcare plan would cost nothing to the government nothing.
  • She wrongly said “millions of small businesses” would see tax increases under Obama’s tax proposals.

The Progress Report tells how she embraced Darth Vader (Dick Cheney), made dangerous declarations and was clueless about the economy.

Who won the debate? Check out these polls:

CNN/Opinion Research Biden 51 Palin 36
CBS Biden 46 Palin 21
Fox Biden 61 Palin 39
MSNBC web site showed Biden 78.6 to Palin 18.9
Even in Anchorage, Alaska — a poll conducted by Channel 2 News asked respondents:
Who won the vice presidential debate tonight? Sen. Joe Biden 61% Gov. Sarah Palin 39%

Palin was better than she was with Couric, but it doesn’t look like she connected with Joe Six Pack and Hockey Moms after all.


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