McCain Sucks, Palin Sucks = No Bush left behind

McCain, Republican filth, anything goes, desperate old man

Posted on: October 10, 2008

With McCain, every day is something new. Imagine this kind of erratic behavior if he became President. With just 25 days left in the campaign, the desperate Republicans are now trying to tie Senator Obama to voter fraud.

Imagine that. Is there anything these a*#holes won’t stoop to?!?!??

One person (on above linked page) commented:

Frankly, I’m sad. I’m a life-long Republican. I’ve voted for John McCain every time I’ve had a chance to do so. I voted for him in the primary. He’s been one of my heroes for a decade, or more. I don’t know where John McCain has gone. This is a desperate, old man. A multitude of different proposals to “solve” the economic crisis; the so called “pause” in the campaign; accusations; innuendo and outright lies. This is the “tar baby” principal. Throw as much crap out there and hope something – anything sticks and anyone with an I Q large enough to register should be able to see it. I’m sorry-so sorry. But unless we as Republicans can recover some civility and integrity, if the Second Coming of Christ depends on it, I’ll not vote for John McCain.
– –
formrep October 10, 11:45 AM”

We couldn’t have said it better.


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