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McCain is Anti Woman, Hear Him Roar

Posted on: October 17, 2008

I signed up to receive McCain emails and all of them have gone directly into my spam bin. What does that say?

On the other hand, all the Obama emails are delivered to my desktop. Enough said.

In this latest email from John McCain, it says:

“We know that John McCain is prepared to bring bold solutions to solve our nation’s challenges. He’ll fight for the “Joe the Plumbers,” “Joe the Florists” and “Joe the Carpenters” of America to reduce taxes and allow more men and women to realize the American Dream.”

What struck me odd about that line is — it’s Joe this and Joe that. I’m a Jane and I want equal time for equal pay and for equal work.

McCain has an archaic view of women. It could because in his generation, women were not leaders and architects and CEOs. No, women were wife and mothers and some had the misfortune of having to work.

Yes, he chose a female running mate but he doesn’t expect her to do much but smile and wink at the camera and walk around in a skirt showing off her gams. Yeah, that generation called legs, gams.

McCain wants to over turn Roe v. Wade because he believes it’s wrong to terminate a life. I believe it’s wrong for a man or a any politican to tell a woman what’s right and what’s wrong about her reproductive freedoms. She should have a choice what she wants to do.

McCain wants to protect marriage between one man and one woman. That is funny. He was still married to his previous wife Carol, a former model who became terribly sick, when he got his marriage license to Cindy. John and Cindy met and dated and probably cohabitated while they were still married to other people. So much for family values.

Aside from telling rape jokes and wanting Cindy to enter a topless contest at a motorcycle rally, McCain has a history of being anti woman:

–He has consistently voted against measures to provide access to contraception and sex-education, and voted to approve anti-choice judges.

–The other recent piece of legislation that speaks to McCain’s priorities, was the defeated Senate measure designed to ensure equal pay in the workplace. McCain skipped the vote, but let it be known he wouldn’t have given his support even if he had been in D.C. (Please note that Republicans KILLED the bill).

McCain voted 19 times against raising the minimum wage. My friends…this doesn’t sound like McCain is a friend to the people and to women who have the majority of minimum wage jobs.

Vote Obama Biden 2008.


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