McCain Sucks, Palin Sucks = No Bush left behind

Car Talk: Obama is a Hybrid, McCain is a Ford Maverick

Posted on: October 25, 2008

I like to put this election year into perspective and relate it to car talk.

Obama is a hybrid. He was relatively unknown and his remarkable team used new technology and organizational tools to catapault him to the top of the line. The hybrid trusted a younger, more savvy staff to think outside the same old mold in order to collaborate, build a strong coalition, and raise millions of dollars. 

Just like the hybrid car, Obama is much in demand for changing the way we drive cars and the way we think. The hybrid portrays a positive global image much like how our European neighbors think of Obama. If they could vote — he would already be elected.

The Obama brand is one of sustainability and for doing more with less — just like a hybrid car.

My friends, then there’s the Ford Maverick who repeatedly says the same talking points and continues to guzzle more gas, more often and is making the oil companies richer. Perhaps he was once a maverick of some kind but now is old, out of date, out of touch with technology, thinks the economy is sound, voted with Bush 90 percent of time, often rages, fails to build coalitions, and many of his former friends and allies have abandoned him for the hybrid.

He, the Ford Maverick, chose an Edsel — a flash in the pan politican, as his running mate.  He failed to vet her properly just like the Bush Administration failed to find weapons of mass destruction. This Edsel has destroyed many in her path — wolves, polar bears, rape victims, employees — and she will destroy the Ford Maverick too.

Honk! If you support Obama, the hybrid, change for a better future. 

Read how Obama politics has already changed the political landscape in a good way.


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