McCain Sucks, Palin Sucks = No Bush left behind

McCain Blames Bush for Economy

Posted on: October 27, 2008

I can barely stop laughing. What a joke! (not really)

McCain whose record shows that he has voted with Bush 90 percent of the time now has to point the finger.

Maybe he didn’t reach across the aisle hard enough.

The problem with McCain (at least one problem) is that he doesn’t admit mistakes and doesn’t take responsibility.

He’s a Republican and always has been. He was for deregulation. His top aids lobbied for deregulation. He’s married to a beer heiress and has no clue about the economy. People’s everyday struggles are so far out of his realm.

What else is scary is that he won’t vet rumors and war and he won’t take responsibility either.

If his voting record was 50 or 60 percent than I say he could possibly blame Bush but with a 90 percent voting record for Bush economics — he’s as much to blame as everyone else.


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