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Taking Action Feels Terrific!

Posted on: November 1, 2008

OK, so I’ve been emailing all my friends like crazy – sharing all the stories going around about McCain/Palin – and I realized all I’m doing is preaching to the choir. I’ve donated some money – as much as my Bush economic policy depleted funds would allow. But living in a non-battleground state has made me feel a bit left out of the process.

This morning I responded to’s request to make calls to the battleground states. At first I envisioned having to call mean old republicans, but it wasn’t that at all. I was calling people who have already volunteered to get out and work for the Obama campaign. I reminded them of their day/time, asked them to add more shifts and if necessary, changed the shift for them.

It was very cool. For less than an hour of my time, I feel I was able to make a contribution. Several people I spoke to agreed to work more shifts and/or bring friends with them. When I hung up the phone I felt that I had done my small part to ensure an Obama victory. I’ll be making some more calls later today.

So for all you members out there who think:
You need a cell phone with tons of minutes
You have to talk to mean old republicans who’ll yell at you

You now have accurate information – dig out the MoveOn request from your deleted messages and get on the phone!


1 Response to "Taking Action Feels Terrific!"

Good. I made MoveOn calls in the primaries and got Republicans; then I made Obama calls and got more Republicans.

I might call tomorrow.

But I did go to Iowa for one door to door canvass and will be driving with a buddy on election day to assist in the GOTV effort.

I live in Illinois and our US house race isn’t close (the R is a shoo-in)

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