McCain Sucks, Palin Sucks = No Bush left behind

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You have to wonder if all the Repugs eat the same thing for breakfast and have the same bowel movements.

Like stupid little drones all the Repugs in the House voted NO on Obama’s economic relief package.

Meanwhile the U.S. is bleeding thousands of jobs a day.

Under the Repug rule of the last eight years, the economy has gone in the toilet, people (voters) have lost 40 percent of their investments, and over 47 million people (voters) don’t have health insurance.

Read the article, Same Old Song. He says it far better than I can.


We were lamenting not finding any Bush pinatas when one enterprising person thought about a Bush doll.

Still curious, we searched “bush firecrackers” and found this article written in 2002 in the Toronto Star that has come to pass. Scary. Insightful.

Did you know that George W used to  to put firecrackers in the mouths of frogs, throw them up in the air and watch them explode?

Boys will be boys you might say but we’re screwed when those boys grow up to be president of the U.S. and lacks the empathy.

Does anyone know where we can buy some Bush pinatas and some Cheney pinatas?

We don’t need to fill them with candy. That would be too sweet.

We just want to tie them to branches and legally beat the hell out of Bush and Cheney. We can be blindfolded because that is how Bush and Cheney have gone through these past eight years with blinders.

Whacking Bush with your shoe was fun but beating him all over a pinata would be much more cathartic.

This is painful to watch but it demonstrates 8 years of hell in 8 succinct minutes.

Enough said.

I wonder how Laura Bush, the ultimate political Stepford Wife , will be able to stomach George W. now that he’s going to be around 24/7.

Gawd! People are so clever. My hat goes off to you.

Of course Bush is about abstinence which is just one more of his failed policies.

Anyway these are real condoms and there are some for Obama and for McCain too but his will expire any day now.

Bristol and Levi should’ve had a carton of these.

Hey, who wants to make bets that these two kids will never marry?

If Joe the  Plumber can be a war correspondent in Israel, there must be some suitable job out there for Levi.

…that’s because he was such a big fuck-up about it.

And it was all captured on TV.

Bush can run but he can’t hide.

He’ll go down in his-tor-y as one of the worst U.S. presidents.

Read the article.