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I told you last year that these two problem children would not ever get married.

I am surprised that a CW TV show didn’t go get Levi for some teenage angst drama show but who knows — it still could happen but he’s not nearly as popular as he once was.  Now, it’s just for a bit part.


Bill Maher is funnier than hell. I cannot stop laughing. And really there has been nothing funny about election 08 so I’m going to run with this little blurb.

At the beginning of this family values fiasco, we said that Levi Johnston was going to jump ship and go to Hollywood.

It could happen. My money is on it. I don’t believe that Bristol and Levi will get married and if they do — it won’t be happily ever after.

Levi Johnston is hunky eye candy.

Let’s take a bet — there is no way he is going to marry Bristol Palin.

As you read this, I bet some enterprising TV executive is getting ready to pitch Levi Johnston (Sarah Palin’s could be shotgun son-in-law.) a debuting role on Smallville or Gossip Girls.

Can he act? Who cares?

Stay tuned…

Hey, Levi Johnston, you should’ve thought about that before you put your pecker in some dark hole.

I know we shouldn’t judge just because Christian Evangelicals don’t believe in sex education.

According to US Magazine, “he’s a f——‘ redneck who likes to snowboard and ride dirt bikes.” Yeehaw!

But is he a high school graduate? According to a previous post from an Alaskan, the majority of Wasilla-ites only make it through junior high.

What’s a mother-in-law to do?