McCain Sucks, Palin Sucks = No Bush left behind

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There has been some scathing words written about Sarah Palin (and on this blog too) but the author of this blog post must have terrible heartburn and flatulence to spew forth these mighty thoughts from his gut.

Kudos to Mr. Sullivan. He’s our new hero because he’s not afraid to call Palin the “Wasilla whack job” or name names about the pimping politicos and the spineless media.


OK, so I’ve been emailing all my friends like crazy – sharing all the stories going around about McCain/Palin – and I realized all I’m doing is preaching to the choir. I’ve donated some money – as much as my Bush economic policy depleted funds would allow. But living in a non-battleground state has made me feel a bit left out of the process.

This morning I responded to’s request to make calls to the battleground states. At first I envisioned having to call mean old republicans, but it wasn’t that at all. I was calling people who have already volunteered to get out and work for the Obama campaign. I reminded them of their day/time, asked them to add more shifts and if necessary, changed the shift for them.

It was very cool. For less than an hour of my time, I feel I was able to make a contribution. Several people I spoke to agreed to work more shifts and/or bring friends with them. When I hung up the phone I felt that I had done my small part to ensure an Obama victory. I’ll be making some more calls later today.

So for all you members out there who think:
You need a cell phone with tons of minutes
You have to talk to mean old republicans who’ll yell at you

You now have accurate information – dig out the MoveOn request from your deleted messages and get on the phone!

Here’s an interesting opinion in a Youngstown newspaper that lists Sarah Palin’s travel per diems. Her kids are getting $11,000 and $6,000 respectively for traveling.

What could be jacking up the price? Room service? Extra baggage charges? Souvenirs?

Sarah, get real. Show us your porky pies. Show us your tax returns like Joe Biden did.

Big Oil accounts for *85% of Alaska’s revenue. Because of this, Alaska residents do not pay income tax or sales tax. In addition, they get a yearly royalty check, an oil dividend.

Nearly every man, woman and child received $1,654 each in last year’s distribution.
This year’s payout is expected to be higher, but it hasn’t been calculated yet.

Palin and her husband support Big Oil and as VP, this is a huge conflict of interest for the rest of America who wants to break free of oil dependence and to develop sustainable and renewable clean energy.

*Source: Now/PBS

Permanent Fund Dividend Division (State of Alaska)

State of Alaska Tax Division

Here’s an interesting blog from Andrew Halcro who has been working side by side Sarah Palin in Wasila, Alaska.

Read what he has to say.

I’m over the initial shock of McSame’s divisive and desperate move to bring a woman on board as his VP.

Palin is infinitely LESS qualified on all counts than some of the others on his short list so we have to wonder: what’s up McCain’s sleeve? On first glance, we could say he’s trying to ‘divide and conquor’ and snag some Hillary supporters, but once again, McCain doesn’t get it. Hillary supporters aren’t conservative. They are pro-choice, and they are getting hurt like everyone else in this damn recession/high-priced economy .

Palin is Bush with boobs and a right-wing member of the National Rifle Association. Unlike Joe Biden, she doesn’t have the national security and Washington experience to take over as commander-in-chief should something happen to McCain.

Woe to Palin when it’s her turn to debate Joe. He’ll be respectful and personable, but when it comes to Bush policy and right wing ideology, he will rip her arguments to shreds.

McCain’s choice is weak and stabbing at anything in the dark to get elected.

as an ABC story says:

“The only gift he may be looking for from his new vice president?
Conservative votes, independent appeal, and reach out to women who may be intrigued by the historic nature of her pick.”