McCain Sucks, Palin Sucks = No Bush left behind

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You have to wonder if all the Repugs eat the same thing for breakfast and have the same bowel movements.

Like stupid little drones all the Repugs in the House voted NO on Obama’s economic relief package.

Meanwhile the U.S. is bleeding thousands of jobs a day.

Under the Repug rule of the last eight years, the economy has gone in the toilet, people (voters) have lost 40 percent of their investments, and over 47 million people (voters) don’t have health insurance.

Read the article, Same Old Song. He says it far better than I can.


Here’s an interesting website that lists dozens of Republican politicans and other Republicans who have been arrested for sex with minors, sex with same sex which isn’t a bad thing except when you’re raging against it yourself, sex with a mule, possession of illegal drugs, having kiddie porn on your computer, and the list of sickening offenses goes on.

What is it about mostly Christian Republican values that bring out the bizarre and frequently illegal sexual habits?

Let’s not forget that John McCain was still married to his first wife Carol when he became an adulturer with Cindy Hensley who was also still married to someone else.  Now that’s family values…