McCain Sucks, Palin Sucks = No Bush left behind

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I told you last year that these two problem children would not ever get married.

I am surprised that a CW TV show didn’t go get Levi for some teenage angst drama show but who knows — it still could happen but he’s not nearly as popular as he once was.  Now, it’s just for a bit part.


People are so clever. Here are some cool songs written about Sarah Palin.


Hey Sarah Palin – you can even sing along. It has a catchy tune.


I especially like this lyric – “she’s an all you can eat dumb buffet”. This song is called Her Stupidity Flows.



Here’s Ode to Palin: Right is Wrong – another Joan Baez in the making


Hey Sarah Sarah – another catchy tune


Then there’s La Pequena Sarah Palin – undescribable, you just have to watch


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