McCain Sucks, Palin Sucks = No Bush left behind

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I told you last year that these two problem children would not ever get married.

I am surprised that a CW TV show didn’t go get Levi for some teenage angst drama show but who knows — it still could happen but he’s not nearly as popular as he once was.  Now, it’s just for a bit part.


Bill Maher is funnier than hell. I cannot stop laughing. And really there has been nothing funny about election 08 so I’m going to run with this little blurb.

At the beginning of this family values fiasco, we said that Levi Johnston was going to jump ship and go to Hollywood.

It could happen. My money is on it. I don’t believe that Bristol and Levi will get married and if they do — it won’t be happily ever after.

Nothing spices up an election like a good old fashioned sex scandal.

The McCain campaign tried to drown the electrified passion from the Democratic convention by nominating a woman.

Oh, those Republicans. They just haven’t a clue. All they know is boobs and skirts but brains seem to elude them. There are so many smarter, more clued in women that could’ve been nominated but the McCain camp chooses an ex TV anchor beauty queen who is pro-life and has boobs that he cannot seem to take his eyes off of. Perky, yes?

That got the media buzzing.

It seems that the McCain campaign didn’t do any research through the local newspaper archives but maybe they have some sixth sense or most likely, no sense.

Who knew the Republicans could be so much fun?

Before Senator Larry Craig’s gay bathroom debaucle — I swear I never heard of him. But I have Jay Leno to thank for that. He just won’t let go of Larry Craig.

And now rumors are flying that Gov. Sarah Palin’s fifth child Trig is not hers but her daughter Bristol’s baby. 

Palin is saying that it’s her baby, not Bristol’s but nobody in the governor’s office knew she was pregnant. According to another YouTube video — baby number five does belong to Sarah Palin.

Let’s not forget that Bill Clinton said, “I did not have sex with that woman.” and John Edwards initially denied those trashy rumors in the National Enquirer too.

The fact that Palin’s daughter Bristol is now pregnant and she and the father of the baby are getting married seems to be another surprise out of the box. I’m sure the media is combing Wasilla as you read this finding more details about the baby’s father.

These Christian Evangelicals are so out there. 

It’s been less than a week since Palin got nominated and just the beginning of the Republican convention, I’m sure there are many more surprises to come.